A Brief History

Val d’ora (Golden Valley)

In 1930 a committee was formed to raise funds to build a public hall in Valdora. There were various events held and funds raised and then no more meetings after March 1934 until 19 June 1940. In 1932 the committee approached the Maroochy River School of Arts to relocate their building to the north bank of the Maroochy River. The proposal was not acceptable to the School of Arts Committee and in 1940 local cane farmer Mr Edwin Thorogood offered a portion of his property adjoining school grounds & tennis court and it was moved and passed that a hall be built to dimension of 40' x 20'. This meeting took place under Valdora State School during which discussions took place for ways and means of building a Public Hall at Valdora. It was agreed that the Community make a fresh start and disregard any minutes of other meetings previously held. At this time they had 28 pounds 14 shillings and 4 pence in the bank. Next meeting was 27 June 1940.

It was decided at this meeting to raise money by mortgage from the Bank. It was also decided to approach Messrs Richards Bros. Builders Maroochydore with a view to getting one of them to come up and take charge of the job, the rest of the work to be done by working bee, the first was organised for 2 July 1940 to clear the ground. First meeting held on Hall property was on 2 July 1940 where it was reported that a mortgage of 100 pounds had been secured from the Bank of New South Wales.

The next meeting was held in the Hall building on 17 July 1940. (So, about 2 weeks to erect the original Hall). Amongst many other matters it was moved that the official opening of the Valdora Public Hall be held on August 10th 1940 and take the form of a Social & Dance. It was also minuted that the official opening be over by 10pm. Admission was to be charged at 2 shillings and 1 shilling and sixpence (not sure why the two different amounts). Mr J.F. Walker MLA would be asked to open the Hall. If he couldn't come then Councillor G.F. Davidson should be approached. A piano was purchased for 51 pounds and the mortgage was increased by 25 pounds. A bus was organised from Yandina for 10 shillings to bring people to and from the Hall in all their finery.

(Imagine the sense of achievement and excitement at the time? It would have been a very bright patch during the anxiety of World War.)

The trustees of the Hall were a group of canefarmers who held assignments of cane with the Moreton Central Mill at Nambour. Transfer of the property from the Thorogood Brothers to the Queensland Cane Growers Council as Trustees became effective at a Cane Growers meeting held on the 2nd March 1978.

Playground equipment was given by Maroochy Shire Council and a safety fence was installed. This was used by many until the insurance company declined to cover the Hall while the playground equipment was there and was subsequently given back to the Council. A new kitchen was installed in April 1999 from a Gaming Commission Grant.

The committee changed its name and became the Valdora Community Hall Assoc Inc. on 27 October 2000 and began procedures to change ownership of the land from the Queensland Cane Growers Council to the new Incorporated Association. This was a long and tortuous affair. In 2004 a letter was finally received from the Cane Growers’ solicitor stating that following our request the Queensland Cane Growers Council would sign a Deed of Resignation. As at the 10th February 2005 the Valdora Community Hall Assoc Inc received a Land Title Act Registration form showing the Association as Trustee under instrument 708193360 of the property. We were no longer a committee maintaining an asset for another organisation.

Original Hall - rear extension added about 1960 for a kitchen

Hall now clad in colourbond tin - approx 1989

New extension off the side - 1993

Verandah added to the front. Photo taken about 1998.