Our Future

Where do I start? What is the Hall's future? Valdora Community Hall has struggled to exist for many years. Modern life is very busy and it seems people don't have time to be part of a Community like 'the old days'. The Hall was supported for many years by the Valdora Villains Dance Group who met at the Hall every Wednesday night. Funds from this and the odd other event throughout the years kept the Hall financially afloat but some things come to an end and the Valdora Villains, after many long years of enjoyable times, disbanded. The Association was heading towards dire financial difficulty.

The Sunshine Coast Council encouraged committees of local Community Halls to attempt to get their respective Halls up and working for the local community by providing many useful Grants to assist with maintenance and upgrades, as well as direct Council assistance via their publication of Sunshine Coast Community Halls Directory and a dedicated Community Development Officer who offers all kinds of assistance to committees. This recent assistance has been invaluable to this Association. We have received grants to help with administration costs, particularly insurance which is the single most expensive cost of running the Hall. We have also received grants to install solar power, remove asbestos and rewire the Hall, new fans, new guttering, hot water system, repairs to steps and a new BBQ shelter, a new disability ramp, upgraded windows, painting and new kitchen cupboards. Our next big project will be upgrading the toilet facilities.

The Valdora Community Hall Association's challenge is to get the local community interested and involved. The Hall is a little isolated from the mainstream with limited parking and it can be a difficult task to organise successful fundraising events. As with many organisations, there is a small band of people who make things happen, sometimes against all odds and sometimes unfortunately, with very little support from the Community at large. However, we want to see success, make new friends, encourage others to take on some of the responsibilities of running the Hall which is not as onerous as it sounds. We are optimistic about the future as we have already made some very good friends in the Community and we are slowly but surely going forward.

Please keep an eye on our Events Calendar and support us where and how you can. Every little bit of assistance is invaluable to the continuance of the Valdora Community Hall.

Karen Ryan (2021)